Friday, June 11, 2010

Small and Growing

One of the things that I discovered on the Scoundrel Art is a small company run by artist Nathan Ohlendorf called Sadlittles. Nathan has a fun back story that you can find on the site and explains that his drawings are crap! Nathan's company produced it's first preview card set in March of 2009 called Legends & Lore. The only requirements that he put on the set were the character has to be "public" and no nudity. Artist soon started being added including some of the industry greats such as Axebone, Sanna U., Ingrid Hardy and Locoduck. There were also newer artists looking to break into the ranks.

The preview set included 10 cards and each set was numbered out of 750. The full 50 card base set appeared August 1st, 09 and included one sketch card and one collectors blank. The run was limited to 1000 sets and of that 10 were JAM sets that included sketches by Tony and Eleina Perna and Soni. I ordered several sets and eagerly waited hoping to find some great stuff. When the cards arrived I wan not disappointed. Full color sketches and beautiful base cards with a brief history of each character on the back made for a great buy. I decided to focus my collection on sketches of the legend of King Arthur and also by artist Cassie James, as I liked her style. The first Arthurian sketch I pulled was by Doug Riggsby of the man himself
I soon started trading with other collectors to get the cards I wanted as well as scouring E-Bay for those that might show up there as well. One of my best finds came from the auction site as I was able to, on a best offer, get one of only 20 cards done by Sanna U. showing Guinevere and Lancelot.
Nathan also provided the artists with over-sized Artist Proof cards to sell and I have had Cassie do two of them for me.
After the success of the Legends & Lore Nathan now has several sets in the works or already out including his first fully licensed set the AC Comics Femforce. The other sets that he is working on are Rantz Angels, Damsels and Dinosaurs, Dreamers of Darkness, Essence of Fairyland and Crap Dude!. The Damsels and Dinosaurs set is the first that is a sketch card only package and has seemed to be a hit. I've bought several and had some great looking cards come out including this one,
I can't wait for the other sets to be published as I've seen lots of previews. It's awesome to see, in a market of the big company, that one independently run can succeed that way Sadlittles and Nathan have. Keep up that great work Nathan!!

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