Thursday, June 3, 2010

Non-sports start

So I have slowly been getting away from the sports collecting as a lot of the new sets are just boring or too expensive for me. I have gotten more into the non-sports cards in the last two years and amassed a nice little collection since then. My first sketch card I got was also one of the rarest. I had stopped at Target on the way home from my job and saw in the card aisle a new item, Star Wars Galaxy 4. I picked up six or seven packs to see what they were like and like most barely made it to the car before I started ripping into them. About halfway through the packs I found a card with it's back to me and it had a 1/1 in the corner. I flipped it over and found this beauty.
I knew the character was Darth Nihilus from the Knights of the Old Republic video game but nothing else. I started researching the next day focusing on the artists signature. I soon discovered the artist is Grant Gould and from there located one of my favorite web sites now, The Scoundrel Art Community.

On this message board there is a listing for just about every set that includes sketch cards. I discovered I had pulled a rare Target exclusive red sketch card. Grant only did 25 red cards to be inserted. I soon was stopping by Target any chance I had to see if they had more Galaxy 4 cards in. The odds of a red sketch were 1:48 or every other box which led to some frustrating rips but was worth it to try to find more of these rare cards.

I'll talk more about getting to know artists and collectors on Scoundrel later and also show off a lot more of my collection in the coming weeks. I have loved trying to find these 2x3 pieces of art and am waiting for some new sets to come out in the next few months including Rantz Angels, Marvel Heroes vs. Villains and Empire Strikes Back 3D.

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