Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gint-A-Cuffs Box 2 Packs 9-16

So it's been over a week since I've posted, sorry 'bout that got busy with life. Let's continue the challenge and see how short I come up here.

Pack 9

Henry Rodriguez
Jon Lester
Tommy Manzella
Raul Ibanez
Juan Pierre
Scott Sizemore SP +2

Mini Allen & Ginter back +2

This Day in History and favorite player Roy Halladay +3

Pack total: +7
Total box score: +89

Pack 10

Prince Fielder
Zach Greinke
Jason Bartlett
King Tut
Grady Sizemore favorite player +2

Jonathan Broxton SP +2

Mini black Bordered Rickie Weeks +3

This Day in History Jim Thome +1
This Day in History Jose Reyes +1

Pack total: +9
Total box score: +98

Pack 11

Derek Lowe
Magglio Ordonez
Johnny Damon -1
Drew Stubbs
Mini Michael Brantley
Alex Rios SP +2

Mahlon Duckett Negro League +2

This Day in History and favorite player Adam Dunn +3

Pack total: +6
Total box score: +104

Pack 12

Luke Hochevar
Rick Ankiel
Jay Bruce
X-Rays +1

Adam Jones favorite player +2

Carlos Gomez SP +2

Mini no-number Alexei Ramirez +10

This Day in History Miguel Cabrera +1

Pack total: +16
Total box score: +120

Pack 13

Buster Posey
Chris Davis
Carlos Lee
Brad Kilby
Drew Brees
Max Poser
Mini Sailors of the Seven Seas Christopher Columbus +4

This Day in History Brian McCann +1

Pack total: +5
Total box score: +125

Pack 14

Chris Young
Eric Byrnes
Gavin Floyd
Jordin Sparks
Daric Barton SP +2

Mini Allen & Ginter back Rick Porcello +2

This Day in History Zach Greinke +1

Pack total: +5
Total box score: +130

Pack 15

Yunel Escobar
Howie Kendrick
Miguel Tejada
Tyler Flowers
Adam Dunn favorite player +2

Akinori Iwamura SP +2

Mini National Animals Chihuahua +2

This Day in History and favorite player Ken Griffey Jr. +3

Pack total: +9
Total box score: +139

Pack 16

Jason Marquis
Adam Wainwright
Stuart Scott
Cole Hamels
Mini Koji Uehara
This Day in History Felix Hernandez +1
Hit #3 Ryan Zimmerman Jersey +8

Pack total: +9
Total box score: +148

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gint-A-Cuffs Box 2 Topper and Packs 1-8

So now that the score has been set by a "cheating" Beardy :) Let's post my second box and see how it doesn't stack up to the rest. Did scores in my head...real fast....and don't think this is going to be close. (I don't have pictures for the topper or first pack and a half. If you don't trust me let me know and I'll go back and rescan for you!)

Box Topper N43 Mark Teixeira Yankee +5-1=+4

Pack 1

Meb Keflezighi
Lance Berkman
Brad Hawpe
CC Sabathia Yankee -1
Javier Vazquez Yankee -1
Brett Meyers SP +2
Mini National Animals Cow +2
This Day in History Hideki Matsui +1

Pack total: +3
Total box score: +7

Pack 2

Rajai Davis
Neil Walker
Matt Kemp
Derrek Lee favorite team +1

Joey Votto favorite player +2

Sketch Andre Ethier +3
Mini Monsters of the Mesozoic Triceratops +3

This Day in History Torii Hunter +1

Pack total: +10
Total box score: +17

Pack 3

Ken Blackburn
Tony Hawk
Cristian Guzman
John Lackey
Ryan Dempster favorite team +1

Adrian Gonzalez favorite player +2

Mini Lords of Olympus Athena +3

This Day in History Lance Berkman +1

Pack total: +7
Total box score: +24

Pack 4

Madison Bumgarner
Johnny Strange
Chris Carpenter
Joel Pineiro
Mini Randy Winn SP Yankee +3-1=+2

This Day in History Magglio Ordonez +1
Hit #1 is cooler then the other side of a pillow..... Stuart Scott shirt piece +8

Pack total: +11
Total box score: +35

Pack 5

Carl Pavano
James Shields
Pedro Feliz
Matt Garza
Mini Sherlock Holmes Allen & Ginter back +4

This Day in History Justin Verlander +1
Hit #2 is my final answer.... Regis Philbin autograph +15

Pack total: +20
Total box Score: +55

Pack 6

Josh Johnson
Brandon Inge
Nolan Reimold
Ian Kinsler
Judson Laipply
Asdrubal Cabrera SP +2

Mini SP Brad Lidge +3

This Day in History Jay Bruce +1

Pack total: +6
Total box score: +61

Pack 7

Chris Johnson
Chris Coghlan
Jesus Flores
Ben Sheets SP +2

Hank Presswood Negro League +2

Roy Halladay favorite player +2

Mini National Animals Lion +2

This Day in History and favorite player Grady Sizemore +3

Pack total: +11
Total box score: +72

Pack 8

James Loney
Andrew Bailey
Cliff Lee
Hans Florine
Koji Uehara
Troy Glaus SP +2

Mini black border and favorite player Evan Longoria +5

This Day in History and favorite player Ryan Braun +3

Pack total: +10
Total box score: +82

So first eight packs and two hits already. Nice total so far but can it keep going?????

Sunday, July 18, 2010


One of the things I've been trying to do since the unfortunate demise of the Inkworks company is to pick up autographs from various actors and actresses from the show they produced cards for. Some of the bigger shows that they originally did cards for are Buffy, Lost, Smallville, Firefly and Alias. When the company went out of business Razor bought a lot of the stock that was left, single cards and boxes, and made "Vault" boxes for collectors that included 3 sealed autographs and a sealed box for 2009 and 4 sealed cards and a sealed box for 2010. This led to a bit of a glut of good autographs available and I've been having fun trying to buy and trade for cards I want. I'll start with one of my favorite shows Firefly/Serenity.

I've been in a couple group breaks for the "Vault" boxes and was lucky enough to get one of the rarest cards they had inserted. In fact I've never heard of another one being pulled. It's a red ink autograph of the late John Ritter from Buffy season 2.

A few others I've picked up are favorite actors that have been been in other shows. Jeffery Combs from The 4400 but I like him from the various Star Trek shows.

Robert Piccardo from The 4400 who was in Star Trek: Voyager.

Tahmoh Penikett from Smallville who was in my favorite show Battlestar Galactica.

Adrian Paul from Alias who played Duncan McCloud in Highlander.

For the 2010 Vault release Razor has included sealed autograph cards that were not produced by the Inkworks company which is kinda nice but to me defeats some of the purpose. Still I was able to find this card to add fairly cheap, Peter Wingfield as Methos from Highlander.

If there were any autographs you had thought about picking up now wouldn't be a bad time.