Sunday, May 30, 2010

Old Man River

So this blog isn't going to be about new cards only. I'll be doing a lot a highlighting of cards that I already own as well. This happens to be about the oldest card in my collection, and by old I'm talking over 100 years. It's an 1888 Allen and Ginter N10 Roumania Flag of All Nations Series.

As you can see the card has defiantly seen better days. It has creases across the top and from the top to the side. All four corners are rounded and it's so badly off center you kinda have to chuckle about it. But it's a beautiful card all the same. The colors are fantastic and the price was right..... I paid $5 at the local LCS on the Bid Board and very happily shucked out the money. It's just cool to say I own a card that was made BEFORE my mom's dad was born.

Have a good Memorial Day weekend and thank you to all those who have and are serving!

Friday, May 28, 2010

2010 MLS Box Break

So I figure if I'm gonna start start kinda big with a box break. I got this box of 2010 Upper Deck MLS. 20 packs of 12 cards each. 5 total hits in a normal box, one autograph and four jerseys including one multi-player and one patch numbered under 50.

The base cards look really nice with full bleed to three of the four sides. the fourth side is a colored swoop that includes the UD logo, player name and team logo. The back of the card gives the regular stats, a quick write up on the player and has the player's number on the bottom left. The base set is 175 MLS players, 15 Super Draft Picks and 10 WPS (Women's Professional Soccer) All-Stars. I haven't had the chance to sort the cards I received yet but eyeballing it I would say I got and entire base set.

I got all five inserts I was promised on the outside of the box. A bright orange single jersey of Luis Angel Landin of the Houston Dynamo. A single jersey of WPS star Heather O'Reilly from the Sky Blue FC. The multi piece is of Luis Angel Landin (again) and Brian Ching of the Houston Dynamo numbered 60/65 and the patch I got is Dave Van Den Bergh of FC Dallas numbered 8/35. A really nice red and blue patch.

The last hit is the autograph. I pulled WPS All-Star Lori Chalupny of Saint Louis Athletica and of the U.S. National team. This card is numbered 76/100 and even though it's a sticker autograph it doesn't look bad.

Overall this is a really nice set, probably the best Upper Deck has put out for the MLS since they started making soccer cards. I might have to look into getting some more singles and have seen some patches and autographs going for over $100 on E-Bay. I expect the prices to stay fairly high with the World Cup Finals coming up starting June 11th in South Africa and maybe cool a little after that. Don't forget to cheer on the U.S. as they open up the competition against England on June 12th at 1:30 CST on ABC!! USA2010

Away we go......

So after reading and commenting on several blogs over the past couple years I've decided to start one of my own. I will be focusing on cards that I collect mainly and not so much on the industry though I will put my thoughts out there on a bit of everything.

A little about myself and my collecting habits. I'm a single dad of a great 9 year-old son and live in central Iowa. I've been collecting cards since 1987 and now I mainly focus on football and non-sports cards but I enjoy trying out a bit of everything if it looks interesting. My favorite players to collect are George Brett and Adrian Peterson. I have slowly, in the last year or so, been turning more towards the non-sports side of things and started collecting sketch cards and the sets that surround them. I hope anybody that ends up reading this blog enjoys it, I'll do my best to keep you entertained with packs, boxes and purchases. Thanks for stopping by and I'll have the first real post up soon

As a teaser here is one of my favorite George Brett cards.....