Sunday, May 30, 2010

Old Man River

So this blog isn't going to be about new cards only. I'll be doing a lot a highlighting of cards that I already own as well. This happens to be about the oldest card in my collection, and by old I'm talking over 100 years. It's an 1888 Allen and Ginter N10 Roumania Flag of All Nations Series.

As you can see the card has defiantly seen better days. It has creases across the top and from the top to the side. All four corners are rounded and it's so badly off center you kinda have to chuckle about it. But it's a beautiful card all the same. The colors are fantastic and the price was right..... I paid $5 at the local LCS on the Bid Board and very happily shucked out the money. It's just cool to say I own a card that was made BEFORE my mom's dad was born.

Have a good Memorial Day weekend and thank you to all those who have and are serving!

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