Monday, November 29, 2010

Thursday....or Friday Preview

So I'm here this week with a quick preview of what I'll have later this week. I managed to take advantage of some of the Black Friday sales on both Blowout Cards and D&A Card World and have six boxes of cards coming. From Blowout I grabbed 2 boxes of 2009 Philadelphia football and 2 boxes of 2008 Razor Letterman. From the Philly I'm hoping to get some of the shortprints that I need after the case split I did over on IAmJoeCollector and I would love to pull a mini-autograph, or two! With the Razor I saw a recent break on Blowout boards and for the price it looks fun. Hoping for an Eric Hosmer auto as he has an exclusive deal with them. Over at D&A I had 4 boxes in my cart and decided to dump two at the last minute. I dumped the 2008 MLS boxes that were $10 each and kept the two boxes of 2009 Razor Ink Vault. These have been a great deal as they come with 3 autographs and one sealed box. On Friday these were almost $20 off and I couldn't pass them up. I've gotten extremely lucky with these boxes before and we'll see how I do this time around. I also have a few E-bay winnings coming in and four packs from Sadlittles own Black Friday sale. Hopefully I'll have a working scanner soon that way I can actually show you some of the cards I get!

Hope your Thanksgiving was as great as mine! We'll see you later this week.......

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Problems (A Public Service Announcement)

Thanks to our friendly Captain from the north I just realized that the e-mail connected to my profile was an incredibly old address that isn't in use any more. I have updated this to the correct address now. If you have tried to e-mail me in the last oh... month or more and gotten it returned I apologize. Please resend anything you would like or if you had any offers that you were interested in. Now back to your regularly scheduled blog reading!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Finally Something New

Hey guys, and gals, out there in blogger land! Finally got some cards in to show off and a couple boxes to review. Gonna apologize for the bad pictures right away as well. My scanner fried today so I had to go to my backup camera and it just isn't the same! I'll start with the saga that was my Philly redemption. After calling UD and waiting for only a couple minutes I talked with a customer service rep who verified that my redemption was out of stock and asked what my favorite team is. I replied the Vikings and was told a like valued would be sent. In less than three weeks I already have my replacement. A 2009 SP Authentic on card autograph of the former Vikings lineman Ron Yary. I honestly can't complain, Yary was the first player selected by the Vikings in 1968 and played for 15 seasons becoming a starter in his second. He was voted into the Hall of Fame in 2001.

I also picked up a card form the now retired Sadlittles set Essence of Fairyland. Artist Mel Uran did several fairies in a steampunk style. Now I'm not a huge steampunk fan but these cards looked great and when one came up in Nathan's clear out sale I had to try an get it. My luck held and here she is in all her beauty......

Now on to a couple loose packs I grabbed. I wanted to see what all the hype was about with the Topps Update and I love the 2010 Topps football so I got a jumbo of each. No hits out of the Update but did manage to get one of the SP variations of Reggie Jackson. Out of the football I got a player worn jersey card of the Browns rookie Colt McCoy. Nice thing is I can sell both and get most of the money back on the packs.

So now onto the boxes. The first is actually a mini box from the new Press Pass Legends racing. Not much to tell here but oyu do get one auto and one memorabilia card per mini box. Plus a numbered card in the other packs. I did pull everything I was supposed to. My memorabilia is a super thick race-used firesuit of Dave Marcis and the autograph is a on-card of Dave Pearson. My favorite two cards were actually regular pulls, with one being numbered. I got a Motorsports Masters of Darrell Waltrip, has a UD Masterpieces texture to it, and a Make & Model #11 Mountain Dew numbered 92/99 which is Darrell's old car. Darrell is my favorite driver and I love listening to him call races. My overall thoughts on the Legends is it's a great product for a decent price. An actual full box is three of the mini boxes and will net you three autographs, three memorabilia cards and a bunch of numbered cards. I've seen some really nice stuff pulled on other forms and if you like racing it's a good product to get behind.

The last box is something from last year. I wanted to try a maximize my hits for my money and also try something new. I finally settled on 2009 Topps Chicle. Now there have been remarks about how the players look due to the fact that it's an entirely painted set. But it offers some good autographs at two per box and has a subset that I've been trying to complete through E-bay and the like. The base cards were done by 11 different artists including Brian Kong, Mike Kupka and Dave Hobrecht. I have a sample of what I think are both the good a bad here. One of my favorites has the be the Roy Williams and the Jerry Rice. The Jacobs show amazing emotion and Montana looks ready to play. Several of the artists did old throwback uniforms on the players and they just look strange, like the Sanchez. Trent looks way to happy to be passing the ball and I'm not real sure what Moss is thinking!! But for all the fact that I make a little fun of the cards I wish I had a tenth of the talent these guys do.

Each pack also has a mini card in it. The regular version is gold bordered while the SP backs have white borders with three different backs: Chicle, Bazooka and Topps Umbrella. I pulled four Chicle backs, two Bazooka backs, Matt Ryan and Percy Harvin, and one of the Topps backs numbered to 25 of Pierre Thomas.

I actually did excellent on the hits, I was supposed to get two autographs and one relic. Instead I got three autographs and a one in six box relic hit! Even though I got three autographs none of them were huge, I pulled a Pat White first, then a Ramses Barden and lastly and probably the best auto of the group Hakeem Nicks. Like I said nothing to get too excited over.

The final hit is a great card for my PC. A year or so ago I found on the bid board at my local card shop an Amelia Earhart Authentic Stamp Relic card and got it for something like $5.00. I looked up the set and decided that I wanted to put it together. According to the outside of the box there are seven different cards to get. I've picked up four of them cheaply and today out of the VERY FIRST PACK I pulled the Franklin Delano Roosevelt version B!! Couldn't believe my luck in pulling a stamp card let alone one that I needed!! This leaves the FDR version A, which I can't seem to find a picture of anywhere, and again according to the box one of Fort Knox which I haven't seen a picture of either. The Topps website doesn't even acknowledge that this set exists so I don't know if the last two cards were ever made. If anybody sees wither one please e-mail me, I'll throw together a package of your favorite team or something as a reward!

I don't think I would buy another box of Chicle but it was fun to open and I'll see how much of the set I actually have when I sort it in a day or two. The packs mentioned SP's so I'll have to try and find those as well.

I should be getting a package from Steve at 5FINITY for a March of Dimes promotion that he had going sometime in the next week or so and I'll show that off when it gets here. In the meantime take it easy and start saving room for Thanksgiving dinner!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Big (Art) Love

I wanted to show off my newest piece of large, 8x11, art that I was able to commission. Over on Deviant Art one of my art friend last month did a special where for $20 he would do a full sized ink 8x11 for you, if you managed to get in on it on the day he offered, 24 hour window only. Well as luck would have it I missed out the first time but promised myself I would watch in case he did the offer again. So this last month Randy put the offer back up. I jumped in and requested two pieces. The first I can show you and is of my girl Boomer from BSG. The second is actually for the Scoundrel Secret Santa so I'm not going to show that one off right now. I mentioned the artists first name is Randy or Randy Kintz also known as rantz. Some of oyu may recognize the name from the last Sadlittles release of Rantz's Angels, same guy. He does great work both in color and in inks only. I've been getting more larger pieces for my collection. Some original art but mostly prints as they are usually cheaper. I hope ot get most of them matted and framed and up for display soon. In the meantime here is Boomer.

More cards coming later this week....