Monday, November 29, 2010

Thursday....or Friday Preview

So I'm here this week with a quick preview of what I'll have later this week. I managed to take advantage of some of the Black Friday sales on both Blowout Cards and D&A Card World and have six boxes of cards coming. From Blowout I grabbed 2 boxes of 2009 Philadelphia football and 2 boxes of 2008 Razor Letterman. From the Philly I'm hoping to get some of the shortprints that I need after the case split I did over on IAmJoeCollector and I would love to pull a mini-autograph, or two! With the Razor I saw a recent break on Blowout boards and for the price it looks fun. Hoping for an Eric Hosmer auto as he has an exclusive deal with them. Over at D&A I had 4 boxes in my cart and decided to dump two at the last minute. I dumped the 2008 MLS boxes that were $10 each and kept the two boxes of 2009 Razor Ink Vault. These have been a great deal as they come with 3 autographs and one sealed box. On Friday these were almost $20 off and I couldn't pass them up. I've gotten extremely lucky with these boxes before and we'll see how I do this time around. I also have a few E-bay winnings coming in and four packs from Sadlittles own Black Friday sale. Hopefully I'll have a working scanner soon that way I can actually show you some of the cards I get!

Hope your Thanksgiving was as great as mine! We'll see you later this week.......


  1. Good luck with the breaks dude! I just busted 2 boxes of Philly, so if you can get me a list of the cards you need, I will see what I gots for ya. I was hoping for a mini auto as well, but wasn't that lucky. Nothing but screlics and scrautos for this guy.