Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Big (Art) Love

I wanted to show off my newest piece of large, 8x11, art that I was able to commission. Over on Deviant Art one of my art friend last month did a special where for $20 he would do a full sized ink 8x11 for you, if you managed to get in on it on the day he offered, 24 hour window only. Well as luck would have it I missed out the first time but promised myself I would watch in case he did the offer again. So this last month Randy put the offer back up. I jumped in and requested two pieces. The first I can show you and is of my girl Boomer from BSG. The second is actually for the Scoundrel Secret Santa so I'm not going to show that one off right now. I mentioned the artists first name is Randy or Randy Kintz also known as rantz. Some of oyu may recognize the name from the last Sadlittles release of Rantz's Angels, same guy. He does great work both in color and in inks only. I've been getting more larger pieces for my collection. Some original art but mostly prints as they are usually cheaper. I hope ot get most of them matted and framed and up for display soon. In the meantime here is Boomer.

More cards coming later this week....

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