Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Recent Pickups

So with the NASCAR season starting this last couple weekends I've been on a bit of a bender picking up some new cards. This first one is from my local card shop where after I pulled the previously mentioned Danica Patrick the owner ripped the other two boxes of 2010 Showcase. A really nice looking autograph and firesuit card numbered to 25.

Kasey is currently driving for Red Bull Racing for the year and will join Hendrick Motorsports at the beginning of next year. I also picked up a handful of base cards that he had of some of my favorite drivers.

The rest of these cards are all e-bay wins. First the two that came in the mail today....

Yeah so they kinda look similar don't they. I actually didn't mean to win them both but as Smoke is my favorite current driver I'm not going to complain a whole lot! The top card is firesuit/sheet metal/shoe numbered 26/45 while the bottom one is shoe/firesuit/sheet metal numbered 20/25. Lastly are two cards to add to my Darrell Waltrip collection.

First a Press Pass Legends Family Relics dual sheet metal card of Darrell and baby brother Michael. Second an autographed firesuit Showcase card numbered 24/25. I was thrilled to get the Showcase card as is looks great next to the sheet metal version I already have. Now I have to watch for any other versions on this card to try and pick up. Thanks for reading and ciao!

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