Thursday, January 20, 2011

Recent Additions

Hey all still around but haven't had much to write about recently. I can honestly say that in the last month I've only opened one blaster box of cards. NOTHING has been interesting to me at all when it comes to new releases. What I'm going to show today is a few new sketch pick-ups and some really cool swag from Steve at 5finity.

So back during the March of Dimes donation period 5finity not only offered The Female Persuasion dual sketch pack but let it be known that if we wanted to donate directly to his MoD account he would send some sweet swag depending on the amount donated. So I sent in my amount and waited. The good/bad thing is the donations were more then Steve expected and he ran out of the original pages for the Betty & Veronica to give and had to ask for more which delayed some of us getting our packages. Me being towards the end of the alphabet I was one who had to wait. Not a big deal to me but I did contact Steve to see when I needed to start watching the mail. Steve wrote me back apologizing for the delay and added that there would be a few extra things since I had to wait so long. So a few weeks ago this HUGE flat package shows up leaning against my door. I got it inside and carefully opened it up and here is what awaited me inside.........

Two pages of original art from Betty & Veronica
A limited edition (1/10) print from Zom-B-Com
Two copies of Zombies vs. Cheerleaders #1 (covers A and C)
Three copies of Zombies vs. Cheerleaders Geektacular #1 (covers A, B and C)
One copy of Zombies vs. Cheerleaders #2 (cover E limited to 200)
All signed by Steven Frank!
One sketch pack of Hack/Slash that was a sketch of Cassie by Daniel Campos
One sketch from Moonstone Maximum by Anthony Hochrein
Promo cards from several 5finity releases

I was also in a group break over at Too Many Grandersons for a case of 2010 Elite Extra Edition. We got to pick our first team and then drafted two others. I wasn't able to make the live break but I picked the Cubs and had the White Sox and the Twins but somehow only ended up with ONE auto!!!! However this got worked out in the end with the teams that weren't taken and the auto's that were pulled for them. I ended up with seven total auto's of guys I've never heard of. I'm not a big prospector except for Royals' players and I know some of the guys for the Iowa Cubs of course. I haven't scanned these guys in but I got Josh Harrison (Cubs), Kolbrin Vitek, Raymond Fuentes (Red Sox), Adrian Sanchez (Nationals), Hayden Simpson (Cubs), Josh Rutledge (Rockies) and Chevez Clarke (Angels). Plus I got almost the complete base set and a nice stack of inserts. If you ever want to get in a great break Dennis does a fantastic job.

I also just bought a couple more Sadlittle produced cards off the Scoundrel Art site. Both cards are by Remy "Eisu" Mokhtar. The first is the Grim Reaper from Dreamers of Darkness

and the second is a Bathtub Angel from the Rantz Angels set

There are a few things coming out in the next couple months that have caught my eye but most of them fall in the non-sports area. I'll try to update here more often and maybe get into some of my cards that I've had since before I started the blog. Hope everyone has a great Championship weekend and as a Vikings fan this kills me to say but..... Go Pack! Until next time.......

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