Sunday, March 27, 2011

A New Opportunity

As some of you may have noticed my banner as changed recently. This is due to a recent opportunity given to me by the web site and design company Build a Sign. Since I don't get the chance to open free boxes for review I took the offer and made three different designs sponsoring the blog in different ways. I was able to create a 3'x6' banner, a regular bumper sticker and a magnetic bumper "sticker" that will allow me to give some away.

The design process was really fun. I just had to remember that when layering pictures and text to start from the bottom up! For the banner I wanted something that I could possibly use a local card shows as I've been thinking about setting up to try and get rid of some of the thousands of singles I have. I wanted to show what types of cards I collect the most and think I accomplished this in the different pictures on either side of the picture of Iowa. The blog name and the web address are, of course, at the top and bottom and the star in the middle of the state show approximately where I'm located. You'll see this on one of the other designs as well. I think the banner looks great. It's heavy duty and has metal rings on the corners to help with the displaying.

The bumper sticker I did was partially taken from a design that was already on the site as a template. The only things I changed were the colors and what I'd rather be doing. It's a simple saying that has SOOO much truth to it! I have several of these to give away so if you're interested let me know.

The last item is the bumper magnet that once again features my home location but also gives you an idea on how long I've been collecting. These magnets are really nice. Thick and strong magnet makes them perfect for the back of your car and the printing is easy to read. I didn't get too many of these but have a couple to give out if you like this design better, so give me a shout.

Build a Sign is a great company to work with. Looking at their prices they seem very reasonable and I may have to go back and see what else I can mock up for future use. The design template is fun to work with and you can use clip art that they have on site or you can import your own pictures for use. If you have questions I worked with Megan and she is great. I had her look at all me ideas and she made one change but that was to conform the design to a different template. Thanks again to Build a Sign for their sponsorship!

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