Saturday, December 4, 2010

Break Results

So UPS delivered my two boxes of cards about 15 minutes before I left for work on Thursday morning. I had an event at church that evening after work and didn't get home until 8:30 which means I didn't start breaking until close to 9:00 that night! My scanner is still down but I wanted to post some results tonight. I'll have a post coming soon that will be NOTHING but pictures to go with the post that I've previously made.

2008 Razor Letterman

Five packs of one autographed manufactured letterman card. Possible numbered cards of /1, /5, /10 and /20.

As I mentioned before I got two boxes of each product. In Letterman I was looking for a Hosmer or two and whatever else I can use as trade bait. I don't think I did too bad in the long run here. The non-numbered cards are single colored while the /20 have a dual blue border with a red letter. I got six regular and four numbered to 20. The best one I pulled is probably Pedro Alvarez of the Pirates. I did get one Royal, but not the one I was looking for. I pulled a Tim Melville #1/20. Also got Yonder Alonso (Reds), Michael Inoa (A's), David Cooper (Blue Jays), Justin Smoak (Rangers), Brian Matusz (O's)....I'm looking at you Beardy!! Jeremy Beckham #19/20 (Rays), Bobby Lanigan #7/20 (Twins) and Carlos Gutierrez #2/20 (Twins). The only two going in the PC are the Melville and the Alvarez (for now) and the rest are available.

2009 Razor Ink Vault

One unopened Inkworks box and three sealed Inkworks autographs.

I LOVE this product. The main problem is I can't justify spending $55 a box to get it. At $30 a box I wish I could have ordered a case. My two inner boxes weren't the best but were fun to open. I got Journey to the Canter of the Earth 3D and 4400 Season 2. I opened both and got from JttCotE a pieceworks card of Anita Briem as Hannah. From the 4400 box I pulled a Jeffrey Combs auto and a pieceworks of Sean Tyson as Gabriel. The Combs is a great pull as he has appeared in every Star Trek series and the Re-Animator movies. However I already had one so this one is again some nice trade bait and is already spoken for. My six sealed autos were the highlight by far. I got two from Smallville of Sheriff Nancy Adams (A17) and Jerry Wesserman (A45), one from Charmed of Dorian Gregory as Darryl (A2) and one from The 4400 of Natasha Gregson Wagner as April Skouris (A15). The last two are for the PC.... from Firefly and Serenity I got a Gina Torres as Zoe and the hit of the boxes Jewel Staite as Kaylee! The Gina is the Serenity version and the Jewel is the Firefly version. Firefly is one of my all-time favorite TV shows and I now have half of the main casts autographs. The Jewel Staite is actually a double for me but I'm hard pressed to put in on the trade block. If I was offered say a Nathan Fillion in return I wouldn't turn that down but it's going to have to be a good offer for me to think about parting ways.

2009 Upper Deck Philadelphia

Got two of the 5x7 box toppers like I was supposed to. The second box actually had a case hit! An autograph 5x7 of Malcolm Jenkins. Not a bad start. I pulled 31 SP's and should have only pulled 30 so got an extra one there. I got the correct amount of the mini cards at 8. My jersey cards are nice as well. Philly at least used some color in their swatches. The only white one is of Brandon Edwards. I also pulled red jersey pieces of Tony Gonzalez and Lee Evans and a purple swatch of Chester Taylor. The first autograph I pulled is actually a redemption. This made me a bit nervous since the last one I tried to redeem had to be replaced. Upper Deck won't have to replace this one as they still have autographs of Brandon Marshall in stock. The second autograph is even better since it's another case hit! I managed to get a 1935 National Chicle rookie autograph of Darrius Heyward-Bey. OK so not the best rookie but still a hard pull. If you're keeping track that means I pulled BOTH case hits out of the same box. The 5x7 and the 1935 autograph! Thank you Blowout Cards!! Everything but the Taylor is available out of the Philly.

I'm still waiting for my sketch packs from Sadlittles but that's not a bad thing since I don't have a scanner right now and it's hard to just describe a sketch card! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Nice pulls! I'm really jealous of the Firefly autographs, even though I don't really collect non-sports stuff. Firefly was an awesome show and both those actresses are great (Jewel was great on Wonderfalls too).
    If you don't want the Braylon I'll send you something for it with your group break stuff, just let me know

  2. The Braylon is yours! I'll get it out later this week.

  3. Congrats on some good luck and nice pulls.