Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sketches For a Cause

One of my favorite sketch card companies out there right now is 5finity run by Steve Frank. 5finity is different from most companies as all they produce is sketch cards, no base set to collect. They also focus mainly on non-mainstream comics. They started out with their first sketch set based on the Archie comics for the March of Dimes. After this release quickly sold out many other sets followed, Greatest American Hero, Dean Yeagle's Mandy, Zombies vs. Cheerleaders, Moonstone Maximum, Voltron, Dead@17, pin-ups and puppies, The Pro, Mixtape and Pulp Girls and the latest offereing The Female Persuasion. I've purchased several packs and love the quality of the art that is produced. I was able to get two packs of The Female Persuasion. This was also a March of Dimes charity set with at least two sketches per pack. My pack were numbers 4 and 5 of the total run. I received one rare artist sketch of Sabrina the Teenage Witch by Amy Clark

Sabrina is the face of The Female Persuasion and I also got a card of her done by Remy Mokhtar

The other two cards fall under the "female" part of the release. I'm not sure who either character is or if they are based on actual characters. The first is by Patrick Finch

and the other is by Jason Worthington

The next release for 5finity is based on the Hack/Slash comic and is due out October 15th followed by Lady Death in January of 2011.